Monday, April 11, 2011

Backs and Baby Showers

I hurt my back!  Badly!  Last week I was emptying the dishwasher when I had an intense piercing pain go through my lower back.  It was so painful that I almost couldn't breathe.  I won't go on and on (although I could) about how much it hurt but, just to prove it, I will tell you that I actually CANCELLED my hair appointment that was scheduled two days later.  I never give one of those appointments up for any reason...except this one.

After a doctor's visit, I found out that I had somehow torn the ligaments around my L1 and L2 (lower back).  I have never felt this kind of disabling pain.  So, I've been pumping in the ibuprofen and muscle relaxers.  They have helped.  I still missed about two and a half days of school. matter how badly it continues to hurt, I am going to ignore it.  I have to.  I have to for at least one week.  Why?  Because I am hosting one of those life's stepping stone events.  It is Erika's baby shower this MY house.  Yipee!!!    You are all welcome to come.  In fact:

I have way too much to do to stop moving because of my silly back.  I'll just do everything slower.  So, last night I sat down and made a detailed list of everything that MUST be done within this next week.  Since this is MY blog and I can put whatever I want to put on it, I will share the list here.  Keep in mind that I'm on Spring Break so I have all the time in the world!   HAHAHHhahahhahahaha!

Monday (today):
•  Date to the fabric store with Mel Rae and Erika w/lunch afterwards
•  Visit Danny at the Springville Library  (that wasn't on the original list...we just added that one    impromptu)
•  Do taxes (yes, I know I'm leaving it to the last minute but, that's the way I roll sometimes)
•  Laundry
•  Sew sundress order/straighten sewing room while I'm at it
•  Spring clean front room
•  Call Alycia about helping me on Wednesday

•  Spring clean downstairs bathroom
•  Deep clean washer and dryer
•  Call Erin about what I need her to bring to the shower
•  Spring clean guest room #1 (just in case Isabel wants to sleep over!)
•  Buy dog food

•  HAIR appointment
•  Have Alycia over to help me clean all the blinds
•  Spring clean family room
•  Run to school to make some copies and tie up a couple of "school things" loose ends

•  KITCHEN...this is a HUGE one and will most likely take all day 
•  Shop for all of the ingredients for the shower treats (cupcakes)
•  Sew banner for shower

•  Make cupcakes
•  Prepare the shower favors and water bottles
•  Set up for shower
•  Do a quick sweep of the house so it is all in order

•  Shower

Perhaps I should have started sooner.  Yes?


Rachel said...

I'm feeling that kind of pressure myself. Being down on the couch yesterday and today.... Brennan has prom on Sat. and he and a whole gaggle of kids and their dates are coming to my house for dinner!

Resting today, tomorrow, I have to get up and get ready. No matter what.

Hate back pain. I've been dealing with it as well for about three-four weeks now and PT visits every other day........ oh joy....

Good luck this Sat!! I'll be thinking of you.... as I am cooking and cleaning myself! :D

Natalie said...

I wish I could fly down right now and help you... because I know that helping you clean would be way more fun than writing exams. :)

Abbie said...

1. Back pain is THR WORST! I'm so sorry.

2. I wish I could come down and help you with your list.

3. I wish I could come to the shower!! :( wah wah for me.

4. I miss you!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were feeling the pain, girl! I know an amazing chiropractor that can work his magic if you need...


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