Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eat, Drink, and Be Married! (The Wedding Luncheon!)

Right after the marriage at the temple and all of the photography going on,  we had
a very hungry bunch of people. 
Thank goodness for our dear Abbie who brought her camera and
was able to get some fabulous shots at the luncheon.  
Thanks so much Abbie!

We had arranged to have a luncheon "under the Sullivan treehouse" 
(that's the actual wording from the invite!)

It was absolutely beautiful!
We simply took several quilts, set up about four tables with a few chairs...for 
us "old" folks, but mostly we sat on the quilts, to eat lovely boxed lunches from
Apple Spice Junction and...wait for it...
Diet Cokes with Sonic pebbled ice  all around!

My favorite part of the luncheon (aside from the whole reason we were there...Melissa and Danny!) was my ever present and helpful daughters, Erika, Erin, 
Abbie, and Melissa who took over the simple decorations of over 100
pennant bunting flags.  (I sewed the last one at 1:00 am the morning of!)  We couldn't have had a beautiful looking luncheon without them jumping in to help.
Thank you.  I love you all for keeping me sane.

Danny's dad, Brian, gave a remarkable blessing on the food.  He asked for 
blessings to be on the new couple as they started their new life together.  
It was memorable and very sweet.

So, here you go again: more pictures to make you feel like you were there.
Maybe you were!
Hopefully you will feel like you were...if you weren't. (weirdo!)


It really was magical.

Oh boy!

We love our friends.

I love these pictures of the happy couple
swinging and having fun.
They looked so happy and that made ME happy.
Aren't they adorable??

This is a repost of my three girls.

Proof that I was there.


Abbie said...

I loved that it actually said Under The Sullivan Treehouse on the invite!

K. Really, let's do it again.

Tami Anderson said...

Abbie, thanks for the post. I was waiting to receive just one comment before making another post. So, thank you for your comment. When I look at these pictures, it just makes my heart sing at how the details have come together and of your kindness in picturing our luncheon. You have a tremendous eye. I love you dear heart.

mel said...

Loved it!!!!!!!!!

OurAzFamily said...

Congrats to you daughter! I love this wedding, I think it is to the point and heart of things and not overdone... I worry about couples who run up massive debt and enter their marriage with it.

My son is just finishing University and will soon be off to grad school. I don't think it will be long before he and his love will be walking down the aisle and we couldn't be happier. I think it will be something very similar to this and I like that. The marriage is far more important than throwing a big show.

Celebrate the love, that is what is important. Celebrate the blessings that God has given. Knowing your child has found the person God has intended for them all along, it makes my heart leap with joy. As a Mom, I'm sure yours does too.

Now I pray that my other 3 boys, when the time is right fight the person God intended for them.

God's richest blessings on your daughters marriage. Thank you for sharing.

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