Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving To All and To All a Good Night!

One of my favorite celebrations of the year.
I hope you don't mind but, I'm going to list everyone who came.
Mostly because I'm thankful for...them.
•  Terry (husband)
•  Tami (me)
•  Melissa (daughter)
•  Danny (son-in-law)
•  Erika (daughter)
•  TYLER (son-in-law)
•  Eloise  (grand daughter)
•  Adrianne (niece, Brian's daughter)
•  Dan (Adrianne's hub)
• Kelsey (Adrianne's daughter)
•  Rachel (Adrianne's daughter)
•  Riley (Adrianne's daughter)
•  Samantha (Adrianne's daughter)
•  Brant (nephew, Brian's son)
•  Ariel (Brant's wifey)
•  Aiden (Brant's son)
•  Ezra (Brant's son and Aiden's twin)
•  Gabriel (Brant's son)
•  Asher (Brant's son)
...weird...just realized that Adrianne has four girls and Brant four boys...
•  Jodi (niece)
•  Dylan (Jodi's son)
•  Alycia (Jodi's daughter)
•  Tansy (nephew David's wife, and Donna's daughter-in-law)
•  Holly (Tansy's daughter)
•  Daniel (Tansy's son)
• Russell (Nephew, Donna's son) 
•  Heather (Russell's wife)
•  Rylie (Russells's daughter)
• Hailey (Russell's daughter)
•  Duke Heaton (friend)
•  Angela ( Duke's wife and our good friend)
•  Leschia (Duke and Ang's daughter)
•  Uh-oh...can't remember Leschia's baby daughter's name
• Kevin Walton (friend)
•  Rachel Walton (friend and co-worker)
•  Adelaide (Kevin and Rachel's  11 month old daughter)
  •  Melissa Bayless (my friend and next door teacher-mate)

We had a great time  There was lots of turkey, family, friends, and everywhere I looked,
there was a baby!  I loved it.  Every drop of effort I put into hosting this 
Canadian Thanksgiving
was worth it.  

Oh, and for good measure and just so that everyone knows...
My recipe for White Chocolate Cheesecake (a tradition) was the 
that I have ever made.

You really should have had a piece!

Oh well, there's always next year!  Right?


 (Perhaps it was a tad boring for Danny!)

That last picture there was NOT intentional.
Terry just had me hold that knife up there because it would be "cool"!
I actually sliced open on a mandolin vegetable slicer.
I should have probably got a couple of stitches,
who has time for THAT when there are people to feed!


Becky Jones said...

Someday maybe this lowly Canadian niece-in-law might be invited? (tears silently puddling on the keyboard)
Just joking, you already have a house full. It looks so yummy though!

Rachel said...

You mean every drop of blood!!! Good red Canadian blood.

That all looks sooooo good and soooo fun. Well, except for the sliced hand part.....

Richard & Natalie said...

Wow...that is quite the guest list. Ours had just 2- Pop Marlin & Grandma Jeanne.
I love that Ben was born in Canada, so it gives us the reason to be thankful twice a year! Plus, the pie and turkey aren't so bad either.
Your Cheeesecake looks & sounds so YummY!!! Especially since I've been trying to be so good. Now I just want to be really bad and get the recipe!

Tami Anderson said...

OH, sorry Becky. I would think you'd have one of your own!! :)

Rachel, you are right, it was good, clean, Canadian blood! And only a little bit dripped into the gravy! Just kidding. I caught it before the first drop fell.

Natalie, I'm glad you keep the tradition alive. I love that little Canadian Ben. He reminded me that he was born there several times. I would be happy to share the recipe.

Becca said...

Are those Timbits?

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