Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Worth it? Yes!

I don't know if you know this or not but I teach in the after-school program at Amelia Earhart...the same school at which I teach.  I teach the Reading Remediation class for first and second graders.  This simply means that I stay an extra hour after school and read to, with, and listen to children reading and enriching their learning on the computer.  No, you're right.  It is not my favorite thing to put in one more hour of work but, it's good money and five minutes into the class, I remember why I "really" do it.  I love those kids.

Anyway, I have children who I know and love from this year as well as children who I know and love from last year (now second graders).  Remember Cybil?  You know,  the little girl who called me a "drama queen" last year?  The one I fell in love with and who basically changed my life and thinking as a teacher? Ya, her.  Well, she's in my class.  I'm thrilled.

She walked strutted into the class and announced:

"It seems like only yesterday that I was walking into this classroom everyday!"

then to the other students:

"Just so everyone knows, Mrs. Anderson was my teacher last year.  She likes it when you 
play with her shoes and she loves Diet Coke.  
Remember that and you've got it made in the shade!"

Oh how I love her.  (did I just say that?)  She changed me.  I'm ready.


The Nixons said...

I love it! I can totally see her saying those things.
I'm pretty sure that you changed her life too.

The Nixons said...

And you make a huge impression on and change these kids lives every single day, and we LOVE you for it!

Natalie said...

The funny thing is... You don't even know how truly wonderful you are!!! I love you. :)

Rachel said...

Diet Coke and fab shoes...... you taught her well. :D I'll have to coach Jadon on that.

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