Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Making Do

How our New Year's Eve celebration was a little different this year:

1.     Food:  Lobster, crab legs, shrimp, ribeye steak  Well, we always eat this on New Year's Eve but it's usually just my boyfriend and all alone!  We've done this since we got married.  Difference?  Our guests!
2.     Guests:  Melissa/Danny, Erika/Tyler, Terry/Me, ELOISE!  Difference?  I finally talked them into a party at OUR, they're old and married now and finally appreciate seafood like the food of the Gods that it is.   Ha!
3.     Countdown:  8:00 pm(ish)   Difference?   It's obvious isn't it?  We usually count down at midnight BUT...we had beautiful Baby El here and her bedtime is 8:00 so she had to go home to bed!
4.     No party hats.  Difference? I always have some sort of party hats.  Why didn't we have them?  Well, because I'm lame and didn't even think to buy them so I ran to my craft room an whipped just one up! (see above!)  Everyone was super jealous, let me tell ya!
5.     Games?  Just one:  Sequence.  Difference?  We usually just watch the tv parties.
6.     Resolutions?  Haven't written them yet.  Perhaps that will be a blog post in my near future.    Difference? difference.  It usually takes me until June to actually get them written.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

You celebrated though!!! That's good!

I went to bed with a horrendous cough...... I want some of that bubbly. I think that bubbly would feel good on my throat....... Nice and cold... Mmmmm

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