Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Be Okay

I sat down the other day to write thank you cards to all of the people who made my 
life so much easier and who have carried me over the past five weeks.
Those who buoyed me up as the world felt muted to me, like living underwater.


There are too many of you.  I could never, never, never, find enough cards at Target
to adequately thank everyone.
I had prayers, cards, Facebook wishes, GDT wishes, more prayers, flowers, lesson planners, hugs, calls, emails, texts, photos, visitors, movers, shakers, meals, cleaners, 
movers (oh, I said that already!), 
travelers, packages, books, daffodils delivered in a snowstorm, more phone calls, 
and more phone calls,
more hugs, and more tears shed with me than I can count.

You all knew what my family and I needed before we knew what we needed.

These blessings came from all over the world:
Canada, Sri Lanka, Australia, France, Richfield, 
NYC, Colorado, Utah, and every state in between.

To all of you...
I thank you. 
It's as simple as that and as deeply, deeply felt as my broken heart can feel.

As I mentioned earlier, 
you all carried me and continue to do so as I deal with the
grief of losing my best friend, my love, my boyfriend,
my Terry.

I have several "go to" songs that help me through the day.
(One Celestial and one a bit more Telestial...maybe even outerdarkness-like)

This one by Ingrid Michaelson is my current mantra.
I listen to it every morning...especially now, often four or five times in the car, or on the way to school.

After seeing the video,
I love it even more and feel exactly as she does as
those who love her, carry her...
like you all did for me.

I love you.


erika @ life unfluffed said...

I love you.

mel said...

i love you, too.

Melissa said...

That video does say a lot. Love you!

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