Friday, March 16, 2012

Found These...

This morning (2 am) I was browsing through my past posts on this blog.  I started finding several posts about my boyfriend/husband, Terry.  At first, it made me cry.  Then, the more I found and read, I found myself smiling and even laughing a little about all the great memories I have of him.

So, I gathered most of them here, in one place, so that I can find them quickly and smile again when I'm missing him so much that I can barely breathe.

I wrote this about my boyfriend back in 2008 when I was writing my "series" of the people I "like" which sometimes is even a little deeper than "love".

And this one that is just a sweet story.

A birthday post.

A Father's Day post.

Why he'd make a great babysitter!

Why I will ALWAYS adore sunflowers.

His one and only modeling job.

His sweet-tooth...have you ever seen Elf??

Harry Potter and the costumes (yes) we both were tricked into wearing!

"Creative" home repairs.

Oh, I miss him.


Rachel said...

This is a great idea Tami! I remember these posts. :) He really is a neat/fun/funny/incredible man.

Wanna know how I knew which house was yours to drop the book in your mailbox? I looked for his mailbox job. :D

The Wyler Family said...

Good man! Good memories! :)

Alissa Dear said...

Aunt Tami, I'm so glad you have so many sweet memories and photos together and to be able to remember how absolutely wonderful he is.

mel said...

love this post.

The Nixons said...

I love everything about this post now excuse me while I go grab a tissue... Snif

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