Monday, April 9, 2012

I miss...

•     when you slurp your soup or milk from your cereal bowl
•     phone messages saying:  "I don't think I told you how pretty you look today"
•     sunflowers
•     tripping over 25 pound dumbells
•     hearing:  "you couldn't BUY a meal this good!"
• you yelling "XBOX!  PLAY!"
•  repeating my instructions three times
•     you doing all the hard things I can't meeting new people
•  your crazy ideas like putting bright orange pumpkins in the Maw's flower garden
•     That ssscccrrrrpppiiinnnggg sound of knife sharpening
•     the smell of oil paint and linseed oil
•     the smell of too much Axe spray
•  the knife channel
•     watching you shave
•     you bragging about me
•     washing and folding your laundry
•     your smell after you've worked in the yard all day 
•     the way you talk to our friends at Cove Point
•     having you play with my hair
•     the way you love Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers
•     the glow you have when you talk about your grandchildren
•     Chicago Bears "stuff" everywhere
•     watching you with the dogs
•     the occasional "f-bomb" when someone makes you really upset
•     your remorse over said "f-bomb"
•     your swear jar
•     holding hands at the movies
•     watching your interactions with Melissa and Erika's friends...and theirs with you.
(how they love you!)
•   tickling your hand and arm at church
•     listening to you sing U2 songs when you think no one can hear you
•     the notes you leave me in surprise places
•     the annual poem you write to me at the start of every new school year 
• finding your socks everywhere
•     hearing you tell me "I love you" at least five times each day
•     saying "I love you"
•     your immovable, complete, testimony of the savior
•     your incredible smile
•     your laugh!  (oh, that laugh)
•     your priesthood blessings
•     your strength
•     your faith
•     you 


Abbie said...

i mis him. too much. way too much.

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh Tami!!! I said YES to almost all of these!!! Our husband's are so much alike. I bet when we all get to heaven we'll find out they were brothers separated at earth.

Come to my house. We can fulfill a lot of those things on your list.

Love you Tami!!!

Stacie Brown said...


Karen said...


Rainy Day Farm said...

Sigh...wish I was there for sonic cokes and hugs.

mel said...

this is perfect. you two are perfect. love you so much.

Ashley Marlow said...

If he could only see you now... And perhaps he can. So proud and confident.

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