Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2012 Canada Extravaganza: The Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede!  Mecca for cowboys!  Land of fried everything (pickles, oreos, twinkies, donuts, hot dogs (j/k), pork rinds)!  Place to win a new house, new dual-cab truck, cash, GIGANTIC electric blue stuffed animals, and mini-motorbikes!  Where you can play BINGO, shoot water guns at targets, spin a wheel, watch mini-horses tote big people in little carts, ride saddles on sawhorses, and get sunburned!  A place that costs $16 just to get in, $10 for 36 mini-donuts, another $25 to see the rodeo, $10 raffle tickets, $5 Diet Cokes (worth it), and $10 Dolce Gabbana knockoff sunglasses!

In short...a place where overstimulation is the fare of the day and I loved it!

1 comment:

mel said...

i love all of these! i want copies. best trip ever!

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