Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy 58th Birthday, Terry!

April 29, 2013 was my boyfriend's 58th birthday.
We celebrated in true "Anderson Style".

On Saturday, we invited Terry's daughter Melissa and her twins Lyla and Olivia to hang out at Hangtime in Orem.  So much fun.  Those trampolines are the bomb.  I've still got some energy left in my body.  I could go there every day.  Remembering Terry by doing something enjoyable is the best way to remember a special occasion.
We did it up right.

Then, on Sunday, the 29th Melissa and Danny, Erika and Tyler, and Eloise and Hazel all met at the cemetery.  Melissa baked a delicious cake.  I brought the 58 candles, forks, kazoos, and a ribbon wand for impromptu dancing...which we did.
Terry was there.
We felt him. 
All it took was for darling Danny to pick up a match and light a kazoo on fire.  I caught myself chastising him in the exact same way I would have told Terry to blow it out.
let's face it...lighting a kazoo on fire for the fun of it would be exactly what Terry would have done.

Kudos to Danny.

After digging into the cake, we had an impromptu dance off with the ribbon wand.  I'm not really sure who won.  Secretly, I think that I was the winner because I got to witness my 
children being silly.

I was so in love with them all.
Which made me love my boyfriend that much more...if that could be even possible.

Daughter's, sons-in-law, and babies somehow balance a world of hurt and longing for the love of my life who was taken way too soon.

I miss him terribly. 
But, I love him and know we will meet again.

In the meantime, I have all of these precious children to love.

I'm so lucky.

Oops!  We left him a little bit of his favorite food:  chocolate!


Karen said...

you make me smile and cry.

Rachel said...

I want to squeeze those delicious little chubby baby thighs!!!!!

Oh Tami!!! I wish it was getting easier for you but then..... how can it when you are so in love??

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