Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Since Terry spilled the beans...

Here’s what I know so far…

Tuesday Sept. 16:

Went to the doctor for a recurring bladder infection (sixth one since February).  He decided to put me on a strong antibiotic for one week then on Macrobid (another antibiotic) for a month.  He felt like the infection just wasn’t ever fully dead. When I asked him for some pain medication for my back pain, he ordered a CAT scan “just to see what is going on with your kidneys”. 

Thursday Sept. 18:

CAT Scan

Friday Sept. 19:

3:15  Followed up on a voicemail to call my doctor for “some news” about the scan.Here’s the conversation…

Nurse:  Well, it looks like the CAT scan showed that you have a blockage of your right ureter and some kind of larger blockage in your left.  It looks like it has been caused by an enlarged uterus.

Me:  Great but, I don’t HAVE a uterus.

Nurse:  Huh?

Me:  I got rid of that in 1992 when it was encasing a basketball sized tumor.

Nurse:  Are you sure?

Me:  Yup.  I’m pretty darn sure.

Nurse:   Hmmmmm.  Let me get back with you.

3:30:  Call back from the nurse.  She handed the phone over to Dr. Clark and we had a similar conversation as with the nurse.  He was baffled.  I was baffled.  Terry wanted to have a baby (ya, right).  We talked about my hysterectomy.  He said that I definitely have a cervix remaining and what “looked” to be an enlarged uterus.  He told me not to get in touch with a gynecologist.  Then quickly corrected himself and told me to never mind.  He wanted to research this further. 

5:00:   Dr. Clark called me back  (I was in the middle of getting my hair highlighted so it was a big inconvenience!) He had consulted with a gynecologist and sent her images of the CAT scan and the report.  She seemed to think that, indeed, I didn’t have a uterus!  (THANK YOU!) Rather, when I had the surgery 15 years ago, the doctor left my cervix and a “remnant” of the tumor.  The uterus on the CAT scan is actually another tumor which has grown back from the original tumor.  This new tumor is crushing my little ureters (thanks to Erin I know the right name for these things), causing back pain and cramping when I pee.  Then making the urine back up into the kidney causing all the infections…Voila!  They could also see small fibroids within the tumor as well as cysts on my cervix.  In Dr. Clark’s words:  “We’ve got to get it out of you as soon as possible.”  The gynecologist and my doctor then referred me to the chief gynecological oncologist at the University of Utah Hospital who specializes in removing masses. (That makes me feel really fat)  He only comes to our area on Wednesdays so his office will call me on Tuesday to make the appointment.  I was worried if this new doctor was on my insurance.  Dr. Clark said  “Tami, if you were my wife, I would only want you to see Dr.  Soisson.”  I felt better about it after that.  Here's Dr. Soisson himself!  He looks a lot like a kid I went to Elementary School with...minus the moustache.

So I basically got an appointment to get an appointment.  That’s all I know as of right now (Mon.  Sept. 22).  It’s a lot of hoopla and drama. And if it cuts into my Denver trip next weekend, there will be Hell to pay.   But, when it comes right down to it, all I really want to do is pee!  I’d be so happy just to be able to do that like a normal person again. 

One more update:  I go to see Dr. Soisson tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11:30.  I asked the nurse what I needed to bring.  She said to bring my insurance card and a list of all my medications, including any vitamins.  I asked her if she thought I should bring my tumor.  I got a giggle out of her.


erika @ life unfluffed said...

I don't like any of this, at all.
It keeps bringing up bad memories of Donna spanking me for being worried while you were in surgery.

I hope you feel better really soon...I don't like it when you're sick.

Get the surgery soon, please?

Melissa said...

Tami, you will be on my mind all day, so you better post an update the minute you walk in the door! :)


Melissa (Your favorite GDTer Island)

Unknown said...

Hi, sunshine. Just a note to say I'm thinking of you.

I'm also having quotes from Kindergarten Cop run through my head.

Abbie said...

Praying, praying, and more praying. every thing will be fine, right? We love you! Good luck! Post or call soon.

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