Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Last Day of Official Thankfuls...

This month has been interesting for me as I have thought of three things to be thankful for this year.  I am truly blessed in my life with a wonderful family, true friends, and comfort.  I am blessed with a testimony of the gospel which I love.  I am just plain old blessed!  Here are three more specific "thankfuls" for this November:

1. For my niece Adrianne (Happy Birthday today!).  She has always impressed me.  I've watched her since she was a baby.  I wasn't very old when she was born (10?) and I feel like we have almost grown up together.  She has been a trooper growing up with five brothers and holding her own through the whole ordeal.  She is now a wonderful mother of four daughters...her reward (?) for enduring so many men growing up.  I love her.  I admire her.

2. For my seven grandchildren:  Royan, Milo, Issy, Eli, Audrie, Lyla, and Olivia.  I can't even express how much they mean to me and how I love being Grami Tami.  The best part is, I will have many more grandchildren in the future and I have enough room in my life to love and adore and SPOIL them all.

3. For November 2008 and taking time to write my three thankfuls each day.  I needed this.

1 comment:

Abbie said...

We're grateful for Grami Tami!! Eli and Audrie miss you so much...and so do I.

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