Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Eight (count 'em) 8 Perfect Grandchildren! That Terry Blessed Me With

Take a gander at all of my step children that I love so much!  I promise never to be the wicked step grami.  You might want to check out their blogs too.

Our oldest grandson is Royan.  He's Josh's son.  I just got a new computer so I don't have his picture, and since Josh doesn't blog (giggle at the thought), I couldn't steal one. 
Just picture a handsome little 11 year old devil.

Spencer and Erin

 5 year old (tomorrow!) Milo.

 5 year old (tomorrow) Issy.

This little sweetie is Keeler.  He came to Spencer and Erin's home just last Saturday.
I want to put my arms around that brave little birth mother who
made Spencer and Erin's family complete by sharing her sweet
baby with all of us.


Melissa and her twinners

Just so sweet.


Abbie and Forrest

What a gorgeous family!


Eli again...just so you can actually see his face.

Darling little Audrie.

I am so lucky.
Don't you agree?


Abbie said...

Yes, I agree. Those are really cute kids! I love them!

I actually thought of you when I posted that picture of Eli with the ball. Doesn't it make you laugh so hard?

Sue said...

YUP! Adorable one and all! For ONCE you're right. (Wait - you're always right... I forgot.)

Goldie said...

They are pretty dang cute! I want to know when we are going to be able to meet cute Keeler.
As a grandma you have more pull then me...make them come to visit

Mandi said...

UM. . . .ERIKA !!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! well, she's in for the time of her life. he he he.

and YOU. . . SURGery again??? I'm so sorry. good luck!

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