Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Perfect Day For Visitors

I am floored by my awesome friends. Really and truly. I had so many supporters today that I felt the need for an entire blog post about it. So, here we go...

I am amazed at the love people pour out when I'm down. I just hope I can reciprocate if possible someday. Sometimes I am not the most sympathetic person. It really bothers me that I have a hard time helping people who are sick. I just don't know what to do. Thanks to those around me who are teaching me to be more compassionate and patient with the sick.

Today I received phone calls from:
My friend Chelle who lives in Georgia.
My friend Pam who lives in Tulsa.
My neighbor Nena.
My neighbor Ethel (yes, Ethel I absolutely want to follow her to Heaven...she's that good!)
Melissa and Erika.
My grandkids Milo and Issy. (Today is their birthday...they're 5!)

"Hey how are you" emails and Facebook chats: Way, way too many to name. I was overwhelmed.

My neighbor Lori took dinner to Terry at our house.

Sarah and Brian (my brother and his wife) sent flowers.
Frank and Becky (Terry's brother and his wife) sent flowers too.

Actual visitors at the hospital:
My partner teacher Adrianne. She came baring letters from my class of first graders, abag of Cadbury eggs which I put in my puke/candy dish, and a Diet Coke (bless her).
My Terry of course (baring kisses)
My BFF Kathe baring Oprah magazine and these puppies:

These are my favorite Easter candy. I eat an entire bag on the
first day they are in the stores...every year. However, my very favorite
are the blue ones. I rarely share them.
Kathe had bought several bags 
and picked out the blue ones
then put them in a bag just for me.
THAT is friendship!

My daughter Melissa who brought me a Cafe Rio chicken salad...delicious.
My pregnant daughter Erika and her husband Tyler dropped by...happy as usual.
THEN...two of my darling first graders and their mothers came to visit.
This is Ashley. Her mother Judy is Terry's niece. I get to teach my little
niece and it is such a privilege. I let her call me Aunt Tami.
(BTW... she does NOT look like this. This is her Hannah Montana Halloween costume. She actually has lovely
light brown hair. She is the only one in my class who hasn't lost a tooth yet!)
Ashley melted my heart as she looked at me with very worried eyes.
She was curious about my IV, the blood pressure pump, and my breathing
apparatus. She and Judy brought me some amazing lotion that smells
unbelievable (how did she know I was getting dry skin?), some chocolate, and an outstanding card and letter.
This is Caleb. You may have seen him in other posts I've made.
He is so very sweet. He had a lot of questions about what the white board
in my room was for, what the pain pump did, and how the tv controller worked.
He and his lovely mother brought me a box of chocolates and a book
from Barnes and Noble. Plus, two or three cards and drawings.

We had quite the chat as Caleb and Ashley sat on my bed and told me what was going on at school (who was being good or naughty...they said everyone was being good).

So, do you see why I am overwhelmed? This is just TODAY! I could go on and on about the past week. I just don't feel worthy of the service. All I did to deserve it was have a couple of kidney problems!


Abbie said...

You deserve it because you are amazing and kind and wonderful and a good friend. We love you! A lot!

Kim said...

Wish I could come and visit you too, that's why I visited the blog, I knew I could get the scoop! Anyway, best of luck on the recovery and remember - you are loved!

Nerdster said...

Why is Chelle's name in larger font than mine?

Tami Anderson said...

I just noticed that too.

Let me go fix it. (You big baby!)

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