Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kasz and Kyle

Happy Birthday Kasz and Kyle!

My cute little twin nephews!

These little gems are my twin nephews Kasz and Kyle.  Today, April 8th, they turn 26 years old.  They belong to my most suave and handsome brother...Bruce (Brian and Larry are just merely cute...sorry bros).  We were all so excited when we  heard that our family would be welcoming our SECOND set of twins.  (Brant and Vaughn had preceded them by just barely one year)  I just loved those little toe-headed blonde babies.  Absolutely identical and just as sweet as they could be.  Except for that one time....
I believe this was the activity the two boys chose during one of their time out sessions.
Ripping the wallpaper off of the wall.
(Coralee.  What did you do when you saw this?)

Cousins Brant, Sloan, Vaughn, Kasz (?), Kyle (?).
(I really couldn't tell them apart)

About Kasz:
I really only got to know Kasz as a teenager.  I was busy going to college and serving a mission for the LDS church when he was a baby.  But, like all of my nieces and nephews, he holds a special little spot in my heart.
Daddy Kasz babysitting

Kasz was quite the crazy man growing up.  I haven't seen him in several years but would imagine that (judging by his pictures on FB) he is still as fun-loving and crazy as ever...we LOVE  "crazy" in this family.  He has a lot of fun.  He loves to be active and "play". 

My favorite and most vivid memory of Kasz took place in a Lethbridge hospital.  He was a passenger in a tragic car accident 10 years ago.  He was in bad shape.  I was nervous to go into his room and see him.  I don't know why but I just was.  When he saw me, I saw his eyes light up through his bandages and scrapes and he called out "Hey, Aunt Tami!"  He put me at ease and, I know it was just a small gesture, it meant the world to me at that moment. 

Kasz has tons of friends and everyone likes him.  In particular...Brittany.  Kasz married her.  They now have two gorgeous children whom I haven' met yet.  I've seen pictures though.  Little ReNae is a princess and Liam looks just like Kasz (at least I think so).  Happy Birthday Kasz...if ever you read this.  Remember that your Aunt Tami loves you.
Brittany and Kasz
with little ReNae and Liam

About Kyle:
What to say and how?  
As I mentioned, I didn't get to know Kasz until he was a little bit older and since his twin is Kyle the same holds true for him.  Only, I didn't get that opportunity.  Kyle's and his sweet sister Randi's lives were shortened in a head on collision when Kyle was 16.  Kasz and Randi's little boy were in the car as well but survived.  Sadly, we lost our Randi and Kyle.  What a tragedy that was for our family.  Though I never got to know Kyle like I would have wanted, I love him still. He had so many talents.  He ran track.  He was an amazing singer.  I miss him.  I am so grateful for my faith and knowledge that I will see Kyle and Randi again.  Kyle, your Aunt Tami loves you.
The cutest little blonde headed fisherman EVER.
Just like his dad.

Singing in the LCI choir. 


Keri said...

What a sweet post. I'm with you, I could never tell Kasz and Kyle apart either. lol Thanks for taking me down memory lane. I am reminded of all the fun times I have had that involved these two special people(along with Randi). Thanks for making me all teary eyed....

emlizalmo said...

I can't believe I never commented on this. That wallpaper picture is hysterical!!! Dave and I just sat here laughing at it. My girls never managed to get into quite that much trouble, but my little twin sisters did. Diapers off, and poop smeared all over the walls, eachother, cribs, etc. How did I get so lucky to make it through unscathed? I guess I'm not through yet, huh? I bet your family is loving these. :)

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