Thursday, April 30, 2009

Have You Seen These People?

Tyler and Erika Senneff

I SWEAR they were here yesterday.  I saw them!
They were packing up their car.
They were cleaning up their stuff.
Where are they??
For the love of all that is me find them.

I am almost certain that

took her...

and him...


So, again, PLEASE watch for them in
their dark gray Mazda 3, driving across this beautiful USA, 
36 hours of pure roadtrip fun!
I really do appreciate it.
If you find them...please send them back to me ASAP!

The escapees from the front:

The escapees from the back:


Janna said...

ha! Cute.
And give unkie ter a big birthday hug for me :)

Sue said...

Are you going to put their faces on a milk carton?

The Wyler Family said...

are you kidding me? she's married? what has the world come to? i am seriously in shock right now!

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