Sunday, July 12, 2009

Keri the Birthday Girl

Happy birthday to my adorable niece Kerilee Talbot Burton.
Keri is my sister Donna's youngest daughter.
I have always loved this little girl.  I was spending time in Malad with Donna on the day
Keri was born.  I loved her from the minute I saw her.

I remember toting Keri around like she was my own child and knowing that someday, I'd have a little girl just like her.  

I know many secrets about she'll worry about which ones they are. (sorry Keri!)
As you can see from the picture above, she has a beautiful baby of her own now.  
Last year she brought Kauri to Erika's bridal shower.  I loved watching her
with her little girl.  She is an outstanding mother.

She is also very brave:

Have a happy day my dear!  Come down and see us.
I love you! 

This is my favorite picture of Keri.  I took it with me on my mission.
Speaking of which...she was the only 
niece or nephew who even wrote to me while I was gone.

Keri and Steven with Grandma Leavitt.

What's not to love???


Keri said...

Oh Tami, you are so sweet...Not sure about those last two pictures though. I look like a freak. lol :-)

Thanks for not revealing any secrets, hee hee!

Mel said...

CUTE! love her!

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