Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Larry!

Unky Lar
(July 23)

I have three wonderful brothers.  The oldest is Brian.  He is the patriarch of our family now that our dad has passed away.  We look to him for wisdom and strength as a family.

  Then there's Bruce.  He's my brother with a spirit as big as they come.  Bruce keeps me, personally, grounded and "real".  He is intelligent and funny. 

  Then, there's my brother Larry.  
He has created a brother category like no other.  It can't be matched and is incredibly hard to describe.  Larry is one of a kind.  Everyone who knows him, loves him. 
I would venture to guess that every, single, solitary niece and nephew adore Larry and feel like he or she is his favorite.

One of our favorite forms of communication (since he lives in Canada and I'm way down in the states) is through Facebook.  I have been asked many, many times who DaCoacha is and 
"Does he really talk like that?"

Over the past year, I have kept a list of DaCoacha's wisdom as evidenced through his many Facebook status updates.  I hope they will help you understand him a little bit better...and when you figure it out...please inform the rest of us!  :)

Here we go:

Larry's views on sports:

is wonderin if kobie really is a dork ..

thinks it's all over but da cryin and cryin . It's such a shame ..but u need to play better than da other team to win ..

s glad he still had da snow shovels out and Kobie still makes me wanna barf ...

want's to personally thank da Magic for sucking so bad that they let those pansey laker girls slap their way to a phoney win again, also what is wrong with Van gundy for not using someone to block Fishers horse shoe up the butt shotz ?? Kobie can throw elbowz and it's ok ??sooorrryyyy butt i must stop...

Larry's views on the weather:

is da wind may it blow and blow till it stops

said that he needs someone to do his business taxes for him ..or there may be a poo poo tornado ..

is glad it is snowing and -30 heck back in da day it was like dat all da time waitin for da school bus.......

s wishin it would warm up a bit so da flowers will be happy and spring trainin can begin..

Larry's thoughts about himself:

is just finding it hard to be humble when he is perfect in every way.......

is goin to work to support his spending habits..........

is just poking himself......

is all black on the outside but is really white smiley on the inside..

is doin what is none of yor beeznez sa....

is hopin his little sister is feeling better...(awe...thanks bro.)

is hopin Tammera Jean starts feelin better and hopes he gets da clothes folded

has just watched some of twilight and has just become a little bit Gay but that's ok ..

is hopin he can be a good boy for a while instead of being a shitidiot ..

s missin taco salad @ Donna's again .......... 

saw Elvis in da complex and is scared really scared ..I'm hopin Michael doesn't show up 2 ..

Larry's thoughts that mystify me:

is thinkin not @ all ..

is sorry he used balls instead of nuts ..

is inder but not over in der ...

is nick like a nake.....

s hooooddoooin da wooooddooo 

Happy Birthday you goofball!


Janna said...

that was good. real.good.

happy birthday unky lar.

come visit us in texas...maybe you can see a hurricane or something. and teach my kids to play some real ball. not the girlie ball like the astros play (although they did just sweep the cardinals...thank the heavens!)

Keri said...

Happy birthday Uncle Larry! You really are "one of a kind"! Love ya!

Tyler said...

dat der was one good post if I may say so meself.

Anonymous said...

when I have some time I would like to clarify a few stretched reports about da said coacha.............7M7...............

Anonymous said...


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