Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lost and Found

Would the little owner of this...

kindly return to my house to pick it up.

If you do, I PROMISE to:

take you shopping
•  let you play with
 the American Girl dolls
 • fix you a scrumptious sandwich
•  secretly feed you something that isn't "good" for you (shhhhh!)
paint your toenails
take you to the playground
do some arts and crafts
clean your glasses
find something that smells good from "The Closet"
take a walk with Leo
and, most important of all...

•  read you as many books as you'd like.

Come back soon.  I miss you Issy!


Sue said...

Gee - could I claim the sock?

Erin said...

Are you trying to make us cry?! She would DIE if I read this list to her...and then she would cry.

Do you know that I bought her a stuffed pug and that she told me, "Mom, now all of my wildest dreams have come true?!!". So cute. Really, I don't blame you for wanting her to come over.

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