Sunday, September 20, 2009

Now and Then

Twelve years ago on this day, my family looked like this:


Josh, Spencer, Melissa, Abbie, Melissa Rae, Erika.
Terry and Me!
(yes, I have black hair...don't judge me)

Kissy Kissy!


Now (actually last August) our family looks a lot different.  We now have:  Two new sons-in-law, one new daughter-in-law, four new grandsons, and four new grand daughters!  Whew!

The Kids
Abbie, Melissa, Melissa Rae, Me, Erika, Tyler, Terry, Josh, and Spencer

Kissy Kissy!

The whole gang:
Minus two...
Plus two!
(figure THAT one out)

1 comment:

Rainy Day Farm said...

Ok, those are the girls I remember. Those cute little munchkins are now grown up women! Yikes!
I love the picture at the temple, so cute.

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