Friday, September 4, 2009

Treasures in the Garage

The other day, Erika was visiting us and picking up some things out of the garage.  Now that she and Tyler have their own place, she thinks she needs all her stuff!  (I kind of miss all that "stuff" if truth be told)   Anyway, Erika brought in this ceramic jar full of all sorts of goodies she found out there.  Mostly the jar held coins but (as you will see) it held some other treasures as well.
I love this crock.  I bought it from Camille Cammack at her garage sale years and years ago.
It cost me 10 cents...what a bargain.

Here's my cash:
This cash will strengthen my relationship with the Diet Coke 
machine ate work!

•  One Tylenol
• Two Tiddly-winks
•  Four rings
•  Lip-shaped confetti from Erika's bachelorette party
•  Lulu purse charm
•  Two paper clips
•  One molar!  Yes!  A molar!
•  One button
•  One rubber band
•  One clip on earring
•  A screw
•  Two Altoids
• One Mexican bathroom token

And just think, all that in one little jar.  I remember filling my very first change jar about 11 years ago.  I told myself that when I collected enough coins to reach the top, I would use every cent to purchase all the bells and whistles to teach myself to quilt.  I ended up gathering over $60.00.  Now, my hobby is  flourishing.  All thanks to one little jar and painlessly dumping my wallet's change every day.


Sue said...

Who knew so many stories could be in one little jar?

Tami Anderson said...

I never thought of them as stories before Sue. Now, that's all I've thought about all day. They really DO have stories for each item. Maybe I'll write them one day.

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