Monday, November 9, 2009

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Yup! It's official. After three years of working in retail my body has finally revolted (it isn't "revolting"...yet... just revolted!) I've been thinking about it for some time now. As many of you know, I had a horrendous last year physically. Two major and one minor surgery takes a lot out of a body. Teaching 23 first graders and working 20 hours each week at the mall has finally taken it's toll. Something needed to change. I will miss it terribly.

The top five things I'll miss the most are:

1. Denise (my manager). I do love her. And, she's available!! I am such a matchmaker!
2. McKell! She joined the BBW team the same year as I did and I vowed I would quit when she quit. Guess I had to take the lead. Best part...she has been promoted to my managerial job as CSL. Go McKell.
3. The funny customers.
The ones who got overly irritated when I wouldn't accept coupons that had expired six months earlier. The ones who blamed me for BBW discontinuing Pink Grapefruit lotion. The one who made me clean up her daughter's puke (Honest! Hey!
I can do that at school ma'am!) The ones who called customer service and tell them that they enjoyed their visit to the store, in particular that one employee named "Tami". The ones who smiled and got super excited over the deals. The one who stole product by putting it in their empty 32 oz. drink containers and thought we didn't notice...we did by the way! The ones with all the cute kids of whom I would try to guess the ages of. The loyal customers who came back again and again. The customer who bought a CocoCabana splash perfume and had me wrap it up complete with ribbon and all the trimmings, then turned around and gave it to me since I was wearing my "It's my birthday" button...(I really could go on and on)

(I fell in love with this little cutie customer who was reading to his little baby sister the entire time.)

4. Doing floorsets. I had no idea it was one of my talents. I'm a detail oriented person. Who knew??

5. The delicious, luscious, heavenly scents.

Now, I pass the torch to my son-in-law Tyler
who is now the new co-manager at the University Mall. He is an amazing salesman and will do a fantastic job...not to mention, he gets the benefits that come along with a salaried position... (well, besides the fact that he is married to my darling daughter Erika of Oops! I Craft My Pants {off} which is his best benefit of my humble opinion)

So, I bid adieu to my first (and possibly final) retail job. And FYI, they're hiring!

Oh, and Saturday Night Live had an excellent sketch that reference Bath and Body Works. Very cute. Click here.


Janna said...

I bet they everyone will miss you, too.
You have a picture of one of my toss 'n play balls on your blog. I know you get this all the time...but you're the best Aunt ever!!
?: Have you ever become an American citizen? If not, why not? I'm debating...if I did go ahead with mother could NEVER know.

Janna said...

I should have spell checked...dang it and I'm a teacher, too! How embarrassing...

Mel said...

bbw will miss you i'm sure. but i'm so glad to have you home every night to hang out with me.

ps. that picture of tyler is priceless! i love it.

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