Monday, November 23, 2009


(thanks Suep)


Abbie said...

Love this. I too am thankful when the MTA works and for a seat on the subway and when people don't fight (or swear).

I'm thankful for my family! And that I get to see them in less than 5 weeks! YAYAY!!!

I'm also thankful for the little girl helping me type (gyhhj hyy,uvkgtfhhhhhhhhhhhhfgfttt ttttttttttttt). And the little boy yelling "choo choo" behind me.

Rainy Day Farm said...

Those are all so beautiful! I have never seen one that does not make me cry!Thanks for sharing.
P.S. I am thankful for lifelong friends that miles cannot take away!

Anonymous said...

I'm just a random follower of your blog...found you through one blog that led to another that led to another that led to you....(if you wonder!)
I LOVE this! I'm spending Thanksgiving alone with my 3 children...and I was feeling kinda down about it (not having lots of family & friends around)...but after listening to really put it in perspective...

Rhonda said...

Thanks, Tami.
That was great and Happy American Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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