Thursday, May 27, 2010

Love {May 27, 2010}

I am feeling all kinds of profound love for my 24 ducklings tonight. They made me very proud today as they performed their Opera for their parents. It was a joy to watch my those proud parents as they watched their children. And...I KNOW they are the best parents of the best children in the best Provo school. BUT, nothing compares to my pride and pure joy and love for my little actors and actresses as they sang and danced their hearts out today.

Silly teacher that I am, I didn't take any pictures...guess I was too busy directing their performance. I did get pictures of the scenery though. Anyone who has pictures OR (especially) a video of the performance, please send them to me!
Straw house

Stick house
Brick house

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Tami Anderson said...

oops! I meant to publish this on my school blog but it somehow ended up here! The words are still true no matter where they show up!

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