Friday, May 21, 2010

If I could be six again...

The other day I was talking to my best friend, Kathe. We were driving somewhere (probably to eat :sigh:), when we passed a little girl who was about six or seven years old. She was wearing her bright pink swimming suit with her matching flip flops while riding her bike along the sidewalk. Not a care in the world. We started talking about what the world would be like if adults could do some of the things that children get away with on a regular basis and not have other people think you're crazy. If the world DID have that rule, here are 10 child-like things I would try to get away with at age 46. And, as an added bonus for you, try to picture yourself doing each one of these things:

Ride a bike wearing my swimming suit and flip flops.
Eat a hot dog and be totally oblivious to the fact that I have mustard all over my face.
Walk on my tip toes whenever I go from one place to the other.
Have a melt down, kicking and screaming, while grocery shopping.
Draw on the walls.
Stick my tongue out at bad drivers.
Read. Word. By. Word. Like. A. Robot.
Do cartwheels down the hallway at church.
Run at top speed out the front door whenever I hear the ice cream truck. (I'd throw in a bit of SCREAMING, of course.
Go to bed at 8:00!

What would YOU do?

And...I would totally do what this girl is doing in this video. I love her!


Unknown said...

I am a little concerned about myself now after reading this blog! Here are a few admissions:

A swimsuit and flips is my standard battle suit. (Its what I travel in, Its what I do absolutely everything in, if the weather is good. Im never without flips and I wear a suit more than any normal person. Ive also been seen wearing a swimsuit and flips, a bandana and sometimes even a shotgun on my back while riding my motorcycle.)

I often talk and laugh to myself when I am alone.

I make faces at people as a standard way of communication.

Good food has a direct and immediate effect on my happiness.

I have 2 pair of overalls. And I wear them.

Skipping rocks and throwing anything I can get my hands on into the water is my absolute favorite thing in the world.

I am generally silly. Example: I am a 28 year old with a mohawk. (not because its cool or hardcore or anything like that, simply because I find it mildly entertaining!)

Should I be worried? I think I act like a kid everyday!

Writing on walls would be fun though...

Abbie said...

hahaha!!! Oh my funny!!

I would hum all the time and spin in circles and run around with my arms out like an airplane and pretend I was asleep when I didn't want to help clean up and fake sneeze and fake cough and fake burp and make farting noises with my mouth and yell really loud "I have to go poops right now!".

emlizalmo said...

I LOVE the video! I would go around singing, "I can do anything good!" I would eat donuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would not hesitate to pick my wedgies. I would be quicker to forgive. Just a few that popped right into my head. :)

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