Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Super-duper-never-believe-ALL-the-things-we-did Saturday Night!

HOLY COWBELLS! What a wonderful weekend! Not only did my oldest daughter graduate from University on Friday, but, we were lucky enough to have a sleepover with our twin grandchildren!

Milo and Isabel came all the way from Colorado to spend the night at our house (okay, maybe they came for Melissa's graduation but I like to think they came just to see me). Anyway...what fun we had. It would be pages and pages of pontificating if I told you every single detail about what happened so, I've decided to give you a short little summary of each picture and YOU can fill in the details.

Here we go:

1. Saturday around 5:00 pm in the car, headed to Provo.
2. Digging in the toy bins.
3. Swimming in Barbie HEAVEN.
4. Playing with Grandpa's new birthday Nerf machine gun. Milo's new nic-name? "Machine Gun Mike" (Can you guess who came up with that?)...there are also no less than 15 different pictures and video clips of this exact.same.picture!! If you'd like to see them, too bad!

5. Our quick trip to JoAnn's Fabric to find crafting goodies (like I don't have enough) and a little stuffed animal. Milo named his dolphin "Splasher" and Issy didn't pick one for her bunny. OHHHH! And, check out Isabel's lovely scarf (from the toy box) and gigantic bobble necklace. What a beauty, don't you think?
6. Dinner out at Noodles. This is of grandpa Terry acting like a walrus (?) and Issy ignoring him in order to look fabulous.
7. Milo eating his Macaroni and Cheese with chopsticks. (Issy used hers to eat her spagetti. Talented, no?)
8. Grandpa Terry acting like a...a...a walrus with tusks coming out of his nose? and Issy acting terrified.

9. Grami Tami getting her "sewin'" on. I made up the patterns for the gorgeous (hahahaha) treasures.
10. Milo helps to stuff his bear.
11. Milo's (hugging) bear. He picked the color, eyes, nose, and shape of the mouth. The first one I made was too big. That boy knows what he wants!!!
12. Top half of Issy's ballerina. When I first made up this pattern, I was worried about the extra big head. Turns out, we all LOVED the doll and the head turned out whimsical and cute.
13. A look at the doll's lovely pointed toes with her painted on shoes.

14. Apparently I posted this picture twice...shoot! I could have picked another one just like it only a bit to the right. (sorry)
15. Terry thought it would be so funny to set up Spencer's pants (it was my job to patch them up since they are his favorite climbing pants) with some other clothes on his toilet. Are you laughing yet?
16. Milo "fake" painting a cougar.
17. Issy "fake" painting an eagle. I actually really loved how excited they were to look around in Terry's studio.

18. First of all...this is NOT a giant bong! It is an elk noise maker. Notice that Issy only used one hand as she was clutching the ballerina in the other.
19. Milo gave it the two handed technique.
20. Alert: Look away Erin!! Here's Milo shooting the blow dart gun. He was pretty good too.
21. Isabel not really sure she "wants" to shoot the blow dart gun.

22. This is a bit out of order but I LOVED it. I was coming down the stairs and "caught" this sweet little angel reading "Lily's Purple Plastic Purse" all by herself in the front room. What a smarty.
23. Oops...I guess she finally dared!
24. Helping grandpa feed the dogs.
25. A close up of the fabulous scarf/shawl/headband.

25. Isabel setting out her sleeping bag. "Get off Leo you silly dog. He really likes me Grami Tami!"
26. Milo attempting to set up his sleeping bag but getting a bit distracted by the movie previews.
27. All settled in to watch "Aladdin". I love that movie.
28. What is a movie without popcorn??

********************************CUTE ALERT!**************************************

29. 1:00 AM finally asleep. They aren't faking either. Aren't they angelic. I love them so much.

30. "I love breakfast!"
31. Look away Erin!!! Every single cereal choice was sugared! Sorry...just kidding, I'm not sorry one little bit! It's a grandma's right. Right?? We did have soy milk though.
32. 10:00am Sunday: Boo Hoo Hoo! In the car headed back to their parents.

What a wonderful day/night/morning. We miss those two but live on the fact that they WILL be back.



Abbie said...

Eli and Audrie are on their way!


Erin said...

You are one brave Grami!

We have a few things to say:
1. We're pretty sure that really is a giant bong. Except it's a Diet Coke bong.
2. Where's the obligatory pic of them drinking a Route 44??
3. Thanks for not mentioning the whole "Milo's too scaredy to watch Brother Bear" thing.
4. I cannot believe you did all of this in about 17 hours!!!
5. You should have heard them arguing with each other about their breakfast choices! Hilarious!! "Mom, she could have chosen not to have a sugar cereal because they had frosted mini wheats but she didn't!!!!!" "YOU chose Frosted Flakes Milo so your choice was NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!" Hilarious.
6. We love you so, so, so, so much.
7. Isabel got marker on her new doll and cried hysterically...until she realized she could just turn the marker spot into pink tights. She must get that creativity from you.
8. Seriously, we LOVE you.

emlizalmo said...

I bet you are the ultimate Gma! I can't even tell you what a ball my kids had last night. Alex is still talking about it. He wants to work there...just like Amen. :) What email should I send some pictures to?

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