Tuesday, June 1, 2010

About that teaser the other day... {01 June '10}

So, here's the story:

About a month or so ago, my nephew Brant came to me with a very special proposal. He is a producer for the Mormon Channel.
The Mormon Channel is a radio station which produces several programs having to do with topics that are important to members of The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints (The LDS church also known as the Mormons). He asked me if I would be interested in hosting a children's radio program called "Scripture Stories". HECK YA!

So, after accepting the calling, I was then asked to choose five children as cast members. I really felt that I needed children I knew and felt comfortable with, and who felt comfortable with me as well. Immediately I thought of one of my current students, Katja. She is such a special little gal who is precocious and amazing. Along with Katja, I just HAD to have her little sister Chloe. What a cute little girl. She is only five years old but reads like a sixth grader with the sweetest little voice that sounds like a three year old. Absolutely amazing and so very adorable.

Next, I needed to think of three more children. I decided to just let the names "come" to me. I honestly couldn't stop thinking of three little children who attend my school. I taught two girls a couple of years ago when they were in first grade. They are sweet little twins named Emilyand Lizzy. Along with those two beauties it made sense to have their big brother, Alexas our fifth cast member. You can check out their beautiful family blog here. (I stole all of the photos from their mother. Thanks, Amy!)

What is it all about?

Well, if you check out www.radio.lds.org. On the top bar, choose "Programs". From there, scroll down and choose "Scripture Stories". Currently, there is only last year's recordings which were a study of The Book of Mormon.

This year, we are studying "The New Testament Stories". This is the program which I will be hostint. The program is set up for children at home to follow along in this book:

They are the Illustrated stories of the New Testament. The program is scripted...mostly. The part that is not scripted is the questioning part. I have specific questions I ask and then I direct a discussion with the children about the answers. There has been a lovely spiritual feeling in our little recording studio! I love these children who obviously love the Lord and have such faith. They are teaching me to be humble, faithful, and loving with each meeting.

I am so very new to the whole experience of production. Every script as well as every episode is sent to the church curriculum department for approval. It is a much longer process than I thought it would be. This is why the first New Testament episode hasn't been published yet...SOON though! I'll let you know. I am very blessed to have this opportunity to be a part of this special adventure. I'm on board for 40 episodes. The cast of five children are involved in 10 episodes each. Then, we switch. My second cast includes: Kate, Calvin, Talia, Ky, and Maya. The third cast is: Chloe, Julia, Charlotte, Dylan, and Alicia. (I hope) Then, for the last 10 episodes, we return to the original cast of Katja, Chloe, Alex, Lizzy, and Emily. I'm so excited yet humbled at the same time. The program should be ready for your listening pleasure (haha) very soon.

In the meantime, I can show you how it looks in the recording studio.

Here I am with my new best friend, Mike!

I love this round table...oval actually.
There are just the six of us in this little, quiet room.
Usually I am wearing earphones to be in contact with the engineer in the
sound booth. We are just having a little conversation before
the recording begins.

Here's our little cast.
Chloe, Katja, Emily, Lizzy, and Alex

This is how Emily looks from the "parent's side"
of the glass.
There are two large windows looking into the studio.
Behind one window is the sound booth and behind the other are the parents who can
watch and listen in on the recording.
The sound is piped into the hallway. If they move around, it totally
messes me up and I have to start again.
I guess I'm more distractible than I had previously thought.

Lovely little Lizzy.
(Emily is looking on in the background)

Cool Alex!

We got to go into the empty Conference Hall after the recording.
What a treat.
But, that is for another post.

So...what do you think of my new project? I can't even express how happy this makes me. I love every second of it. I can barely wait for the next recording.

Any questions?


CBL said...

This is beyond awesome Tami-- congrats!


Becky Jones said...

That sounds amazing! Congrats on a new adventure!

Abbie said...

That's so cool! You're totally famous!

Becca said...

I already told you this was cool but I understand if I comment in public I get special shout-outs.

So, this is even more cool than I said it was previously! :D

Tami Anderson said...

Well, you WERE the first to know Becca. You are just THAT special.

Abbie, I just picture little Eli and Audrie listening to their Grami Tami on the computer way over there in the big city!

emlizalmo said...

Hope they're going a good job today! :) They are LOVING this. Thank you so much for the opportunity. I guess we just know the right people. :)

Tami Anderson said...

We missed you Amy. I think your girls perform a lot better when you're there! (Not that they were bad or anything...I could just tell they missed you).

I hope you are feeling better.

Jessica said...

NO WAY!! Tami, I listen to this almost every Sunday while I'm doing my girls' hair!! I dock my iphone and turn it on and we listen to it. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT'S YOU!

It will be so fun next week when I tune in!

Tami Anderson said...

I left a comment on your blog about this. Just in case you somehow miss it, I just wanted you to know that my episodes are the New Testament episodes. They are almost ready to air. Stay tuned.

Since you are a regular listener, would you let me know when it switches over from Book of Mormon to New Testament? I'd appreciate it a bunch.

Richard & Natalie said...

WOW! This is cool beyond cool! I can't wait to show and do it with Dallin. He is my little scripture reader anyway, so I am sure he will love it. Esp. knowing that you and Katja are involved!

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