Sunday, September 12, 2010

Apron #6...The apron that never was (yet!)

This is all you're going to get!
(9 pieces)

My time got away from me this week.
Then, I got a call from my favorite six year old grand gal
requesting an apron of her own.
What a story I will have to tell you once I finish this darling

I'll make sure to post TWO aprons by next Sunday to make up
for the one I missed (kind of) this week.


Rachel said...

That is my least favorite part of sewing. The cutting out part....

Looking forward to seeing the end result!

Adrianne said...

So far so good. You are keeping us in suspense though. Not even a glimpse of what the material looks like! See you friday!

Tami Anderson said...

Rachel, I love the cutting part. I don't know why. Maybe since I just sharpened my most excellent scissors.

Adrianne, It just white with white flowers.

Hint: Isabel wants to be a pioneer for Halloween. So, I offered to make the dress will be blue! But, I'm only telling you two! Ha!

Helga said...

Hi Tami, I am your newest follower. I came over from Mod Podge Rocks and I am loving your blog!!!! I bought the book A is for Aprons a few months back but haven't had time to do anything YET!! I am so excited about your apron a week. I look forward to reading more :o)

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