Saturday, January 22, 2011

Guess What?? An APRON!

Funny story: I prepared a wonderful Christmas package for the White family who lives in New York City. Puzzles, books, picture frames, toys, more books. I hated the fact that they wouldn't be "home" for Christmas where they should be. So a package was the way to go.

Shortly after Christmas, darling Abbie phoned me with the kids to thank me for all the "lovely" presents. Abbie is always so gracious and excited about EVERYTHING. I thought it was odd, though, that she didn't mention anything about the apron (one of my favorites so far) that I had made her for Christmas. Abbie never misses a detail. But, oh well, I don't need pats on the back or anything, I just thought she'd at least mention it.

As I was cleaning up the Christmas decor, what to my wondering eye should appear??? The APRON! It was sitting next to my sewing machine which I had stowed away for the Christmas season. What a DORK! So I mailed it off as soon as I could and hoped Abbie would forgive me for not sending her a Christmas present!!

So, I took the apron to school to put in a package and drop in to mail it after school. However, I didn't have a model. So, I grabbed my darling little after school second grade student, Hannah, to be my model. Isn't she darling??

I learned how to make these darling flower brooches. I love them
and may end up attaching one to each apron I make from
here on out!
It can be worn in the hair or on the garment.

I made this pattern up based on an apron my daughters gave me that they
had purchased from Pier One Imports.
I absolutely LOVE the double tie.

I made that bias tape by hand.
(I didn't get a bias tape helper devise like I had hoped to for Christmas...
so, for now, I'll take the time and burn my
little fingers as I prepare the tape
with love.

She's so sassy!


Rachel said...

You are just amazing! The bias tape is so cute and so is the apron!

Another apron winner. I've yet to see one you've made that I don't like!

Abbie said...

Got it. Love it. Made cupcakes while wearing it today.

Also, Audrie calls all aprons capes, "mommy, you got a new cape!" I do feel like a superhero while I wear it:)

Presley family said...

Oh my!!! That has to be the most adorable apron ever.... and that little girl.... don't even get me started!!! How sweet!!

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