Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cake Plates

I have this "thing" for cake plates.  I mean, REALLY have this thing for cake plates.
I love them.
So much so that if I weren't already married to Terry, 
I'd totally find one and marry it.
(Please forgive me for my juvenile tendencies...after all, I DO spend a lot of time with juvenile's!)

So, whenever I see one I like, I can stand in front of it for a very long time.  
I stare at it.  Pick it up. 
Turn it over.  I examine it down to every millimeter.  
Let me charm you with some cake plates I love but will most likely never get because they are so very pricey:

  Aren't they beautiful?
Especially that cute little cupcake plate.  I really want that one.
(If you want the links to any of these, just let me know and I'll gladly give them to you.)
The two photos of the glass cake plates were taken by me this morning at 
They were $20 a piece.  Not all that bad considering that the least expensive cake plate on this page so far is
Hence, you can see why collecting them is sort of tough.

Last month, I put on a lovely little (well, big actually) shin-dig shower for my daughter
Erika who is so close to giving birth that her toes even look pregnant!
I wanted to serve our famous cupcakes (thanks Abbie!) on cake plates.
 I only owned plastic cake plates which I snagged from the prop aisle when I 
worked at Bath and Body Works thousands of years ago.
They are super cute but, I wanted something special and glass-y.

So, I strolled the aisles at DI and also the dollar store.

I found that:
$1.00 (glass plate) + $1.00 (glass candlestick) = $2.00 (cake plate)

I'm thinking that they look an awfully lot like the plates I found at Tai Pan!?

I found this beauty at DI (are you ready for this?) for 75¢
I bought a glass dessert bowl for 75 as well (see the above photo)
bringing the grand total for this one to $1.50!!

I had to try some color and so this time I used a vase that 
matched the plate perfectly.

Now, I have created a beast and I can't stop making my own cake plates.
They are everywhere.
Good thing we have a wedding reception coming up!

I know I can make good use of them there!


Melissa said...

You are so creative! That sure makes things a lot cheaper!

Janna said...

So fun!
Check out these little DIY single cupcake stands :)

Natalie said...

Cake plates are going to be a big part of Lily's birthday party... but that is all I can say,. I have made one before and can't wait to make a bunch more! I love cake plates too!

emlizalmo said...

What glue are you using? I freaking love these!

Rachel said...

Guilty! Cake plates AND pie dishes. I love them! I want them!

You, my friend, are brilliant! I'd never thought of doing what you did to make cake plates. I think perhaps you may have unleashed a very bad thing....... now I'm going to have to try this. :D

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