Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Work Here Is Done

At the end of the day as we said good bye for the year, little
Miss Cybil threw her arms around me and...sobbed!
I enfolded her in mine and told her I loved her and would miss her.  I told her that she could
come and talk to me anytime she needed to next year.
She said:  "I just want to be in your class next year!"
Me: "But then you wouldn't be in second grade.  You'd have to be with the little first graders again."
Her:  "Why can't you teach second grade?"
All of this broke my heart and made me realize all the things she had taught me this year.
But NOTHING grabbed my heart more than seeing her tear-filled eyes looking back at mine,  tears streaming down her face,  her bottom lip trembling like I've never seen it before and saying:
"But I don't care.  I love you.  You are like my best mother!"

I love you too Cybil.
You are like my best little friend.


Becky Jones said...

And that's why you are a teacher!

Rachel said...

Wow...... Sometimes, the ones who crave it the most and need it the most are the prickliest.

Well done best momma Tami! :D

emlizalmo said...

And THAT is why you are so great. :)

emlizalmo said...

Funny...just went and read what Becky said. I totally repeated her, but it's true, so there! :)

Abbie said...

Awwwww is right. So sweet.

Natalie said...

What a perfect ending to your story! So, so sweet.

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