Monday, September 26, 2011

Timing Is Everything!

Last Friday I had a very nice surprise.
I had just checked my teacher mailbox at school to find
a card addressed to me.
The first thing I noticed was the return address because...
it was MINE!
At first I thought that maybe Mel Rae had sent me a little love note!  


After much thinking a wracking my brain about why I had sent myself a card, 
I remembered that on my last CITES training in Park City, we each wrote a note to ourselves.
At the time, I thought it was a very weird activity.  
I'm here to tell you that it was one of the coolest things I've experienced.
Well, on a personal note, I have been struggling lately.  I'm feeling sluggish, chubby (Ha!).  I'm feeling really down on myself and exhausted since the first day of school.  In short, I've been having
a pity party for one that is going on way too long.

I need to change.
I need to pull it together. little card that someone at the meeting
had held onto since May, might just have me on my way.

Timing really is everything.

Oh...and I mailed myself a dollar for the day which will buy
exactly two cans of Diet Coke.


Becca said...

Wow, I love this. And I agree!

The Nixons said...

I love this idea! You are so cute and talented, you shouldn't feel down on yourself!

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