Saturday, December 3, 2011

The ABC's of Mel Rae

My first born child turned 24 today!  (How does that even happen?  I mean my children get older but I don't!  Weird!  )

Anyway, Melissa has reached another milestone in her live.  24!!!  I could take this entire blog to tell you over and over again but, I'm not going to...

Okay, just joking.  I'm sharing a couple of pictures as well as a few adjectives to remind us all why we adore her.   And, since I teach 1st grade, I thought I'd go with an alphabet theme.

A bsolutely stunning!
B rainy!
C aptivating personality.
D aring
E xtraordinary!
F riend to many, many, many a friend!
G racious
H uge personality PLUS!
I ntelligent (You know she's a marketing whiz??)
J, she looks good in her jeans.  (that isn't creepy is it?)
K issable (right Danny?)
L ovely 
M arvelous
N ice (I know that sounds trite is just so true about her.
O ptomistic
P ure  (Deep within her soul she is full of purity)
Q ueen of everything!
R eally good Reader
S stylish
T rue
U nique
V ivacious
W onderful
X tra great sister!  (Right Erika?  Right Abbie?  Right Melissa?  Right Erin?  Right Mia?
Y oung...youthful!
Z ealous


The Nixons said...

Cute post! Happy Birthday Melissa!!!

emlizalmo said...

I have seen very few people as beautiful as that daughter of yours. Happy birthday!

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