Saturday, December 10, 2011

My "pixie" Burt Ray"!

 I have a very strong memory of TWO Christmas ornaments from my childhood.
1.  A beautiful red Christmas ornament with a frosted Santa and his reindeer 
pulling the sleigh.  The image wrapped most of the way around it.  It was/is very fragile.
I remember that it was a special privilege to be the "One" to lift it from the Christmas decoration box,
 unwrap it, Then pick the perfect spot on the tree so it
wouldn't shatter if it got bumped.  I believe it once belonged to my grandmother.
I have no idea where that ornament is but the 
memory alone is sweet to my being.

2.   My mother had a little "pixie" that I would sit and look at and occasionally
play with.  I loved my little pixie with all my heart and it just so happens that I ended up with it in my own Christmas decoration box.
Lucky girl that I am.  

Someone has cashed in on this little pixie.  Well not 'THIS' one but ones like it.
Have you heard of "The Elf on the Shelf"  book and elf?
It's an adorable tradition.  A little elf is placed on a shelf to watch children and then report
back to Santa as to whether the child was naughty or nice.  

The fun part comes when said elf hides in a new place every single day.  Sometimes twice!
One of my students, Averie, shared her elf with the class and by the next day 
four or five parents had called Averie's mother to find out where to buy this little elf and book.
A phenomenon!  Soon, several children were writing all about their elves in their
journals.  I love it.

Now...I decided to find my "pixie" and have him delivered to our classroom
to watch over the children.  ;)

It's a funny thing about pixie elves...they are very mischievous.
They shows up in several silly places.
Burt Ray is no exception!
The children giggle with glee (I love the word "glee") when they find little 
Burt Ray in his new hiding spot!
They all try to be the first to spy him.
Take a look for yourself at some of the places Burt Ray has shown up:


So, as you can see, Burt Ray could turn up anywhere!  Stay tuned for a few more days of hidden pixie fun!!  Plus, you should definitely purchase your family and Elf on the Shelf and start creating YOUR Christmas tradition!  (I am in no way affiliated with the people at The Elf On The Shelf people!  I just loved the whole idea!)


Rachel said...

We've had the Elf on a Shelf for a few years now. :) It's been a fun tradition for us. Jadon loves looking for your Burt Ray. He is always telling me about him. Our elf at the moment is hanging from my curtains. I've no idea where he'll end up next!

The Nixons said...

Our elf got into chocolate! He is sitting on the counter with chocolate all over his face and m&m's surrounding him ;-)
Cutest tradition ever!

Melissa said...

Ok, I had to remind myself that you have a little, silver bathtub on your desk. I thought your elf had magic and became adult size! The coke picture is still my favorite! I don't like coke, but he just looks so sneaky.

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