Thursday, December 22, 2011

Best Weekend...SURPRISE! (warning: long)

I just got home from Ft. Collins, Colorado.  I had one of the most fun experiences I've ever had.

So, to back up just a tad, I need to tell you that my darling granddaughter, Isabel,
sent me a couple of letters asking me if I would come to her
performance in "The Nutcracker".

I really wanted to go but didn't know if I could swing it with school and $$.
But, after thinking about it and realizing how important this little girl is to me, I decided to go. 
But, not only go...but to SURPRISE Isabel.  
The only one who knew I was coming was my daughter-in-law, Erin.
So excited.

I got there around 12:00 and walked over to the school (by myself!) to 
make the big reveal during the twin's lunch.
Oh yes...Isabel has a twin.  His name is Milo and I adore and love him too...lest you think
I was ignoring him!  :)

After checking in at the office, I went to the twins's classroom and met their amazing second grade
teacher.  And, by "amazing" I do mean "AMAZING!"
She walked me to the lunchroom.
Milo saw me first.
He had several double takes.  Then grabbed Isabel (whose back was to me).
When she saw me, she just stared with her mouth open then slowly
covered her mouth with her hand. (See re-enactment below!)
Milo said, "I feel like I'm in a dream!"

As I type this, I realize that there is NO WAY I can adequately write all the feelings
we had during that little surprise.  It was very special and very memorable.
I wish I could relive it again and again.

Linton Elementary school.
Here's Milo (and the girl who is obsessed with him!  Who wouldn't be)
And here's Issy in mock surprise and sitting next to her is her best friend Sarah.

I left the children and walked back to the house to get settled in.  Then, returned at 3:00 to
walk them back home.  I ended up helping the children finish up
their Christmas wrapping.
The second graders thought I was very magical because I could
curl ribbon with a pair of scissors!! 


We took a trip to SuperTarget and picked up dinner at Panera.
I LOVE bread!

The Nutcracker!

My little Isabel had the part of a peppermint in the Ft. Collin's community performance of
The Nutcracker.
This was the reason I made the trip and I was so excited to be there.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to take pictures in the performance or at anytime of her cute little
costume.  But, trust me, she was adorable.
These pictures are from the "after party" of the performance.
The program
The Spanish Dancer (MY personal to the peppermints, of course!)
Trust me, she was fabulous!
She may or may not have bossed the other little peppermints around on the stage.
Or, as I like to call it, "Helped the others know what they were suppose to be doing three
steps before they had to do it."

Issy and her mother, Erin
Issy and her Grami, me!
Issy and her Grandma Kim and cousin Kiana!

Funny story.  This is Penne (like the coin, not the pasta!).
She was one of the ushers for the performance.  Sh asked me to put my phone away since pictures weren't
allowed.  Of course, I told her I was just about to do so.  Then I told her about my surprise visit.
Miss Penne had tears streaming down her cheeks.
She "got" the whole thing.
So, why didn't she pose for the picture?  Well, she was deep in conversation and no
matter how long I stood there, she didn't flinch.  So, Grandma Kim just
went ahead and snapped the photo.


After sleeping in until 8:30 am!!! Erin, Isabel, and I put on our shopping shoes and headed

Best toy store ever!

 There was a lot of Christmas "magic" going on during our shopping time together.  It was very nostalgic for me for some reason.  We saw real old-fashioned carolers..complete with long dresses, boxy hats, and muffs.  Plus, they sang like angels.

We saw "Santa" skating around on the outdoor skating rink.  Erin told me that he usually skates with an accordion.  I would have paid to see that!

There were street singers galore.  A 10 year old violinist, a young hipster couple singing duets, pianists at a piano painted bright green with painted lady bugs covering it.  A frozen fountain with an icy waterfall and sign reminding me "Do not play in the fountain".  I didn't.

Plus, it was 52 degrees outside that day...Perfection!

But the best part was when we were walking down the street and a police car was driving ahead of a horse drawn wagon.  Inside the wagon were about 15 children along with Santa Claus.  They were waving a shouting "Merry Christmas" to everyone walking along the street.  As if THAT weren't enough, they came to a stop at the light and the children called to all of the children along the street to come over to the wagon.

This included Isabel.  The children then handed out gifts...big gifts (not just candy!) to each child.  Some got games, others got dolls.  Isabel ended up with a Beanie Baby teddy bear.  She named it "Violet".

What a cool Christmas memory, eh?
This is a small snippet of MY eye candy I ran into whilst shopping.
Oh wait, that top one is actual CANDY!  I made Spencer a batch of caramels using his
Grandma Neen's (my mother-in-law) recipe!

We met Spencer at
and ate frozen yogurt with Milo and Keeler.

Then I had the privilege of tending Keeler while the family went to
The Nutcracker closing performance.

One little cute story about Keeler:
I thought I'd sing him a lovely song before bed and so I sang "Jingle Bell".
Before I even got to "oh what fun it is to ride"
he pushed me away and covered his ears saying
"NO! Stop!  Yucky!"

I'll have to work on my skills!

last day.

We finished an entire chapter book during my visit.
I love to read to children.  This was no different.  I will never be able to look at an Ivy and Bean book
ever again without thinking of my twins!

Exchanging of gifts!

I bought the children an Elf on the Shelf while I was there.
I'm so glad I did. They named him "Fritz" and it was more fun than any of us could have imagined.

Seriously, best trip ever!

BONUS:  I flew to Denver using the new Frontier Airlines service out of PROVO!!  Best thing ever.  No one hour drive to the SLC airport.  And no long drive back to Provo
when I came back.  It is the greatest. was $50 cheaper each way.
Just FYI


Rachel said...

This sounds soooo magical. For you to do that, oh my goodness.... it just means so much!!! For your little granddaughter!!! That is huge!! To know that someone loves you that much......

Tami Anderson said...

Rachel, it really was an important visit...for both of us. (well, Milo too!) Every time I considered not going, for whatever reason, I got the impression that THIS was important and that I needed to go no matter what. Now I know why. You're right, I DO love her so much and I'm thinking she knows it!! Thanks again for "getting" me! :)

Erin said...

This is the perfect summary of the weekend! They have told the story of you showing up at school over and over again. So dang cute.

Have I ever told you that one of my favorite childhood memories is of me staying at my Grandma Montana's house for a week? Grandparents are magical. :) And having them all to yourself sometimes is even more magical!

Thanks for giving these yahoos one of the greatest childhood memories ever!!

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