Friday, February 29, 2008

Big Bad Bruce

This is my big brother
His name is Bruce.
He's 8 years older than me.
I never see him anymore.
He lives in Canada.
I live in the US.
He never forgets my birthday.
He has skinny legs...just like our mom did.
He has five beautiful children.
He loves to fish.
He's the cute kid in blue. (above)
He's handsome.
I like him.

Two quick memories:
1.  On my first day of first grade, he had to lift me up onto the bus because I wasn't big enough to climb the steps alone.

2.  While driving with him in his car (I was about 8 years old) his odometer in his red car (I have no idea what kind of car...Mustang maybe?) flipped over to 55,555 miles.  He pulled over to the side of the road and proclaimed "LET US PRAY!"  I've never forgotten that for some reason.


Nerdster said...

Why do brothers get the skinny legs?

DaCoacha said...

Yes Bruce is the special one of the family .. We used to play a game in the living room at home in Leavitt.. We would see who could go around the perimiter of a room with out touching the floor. I can remember crawling on the piano , the picture window frame,fridge , stove ,you name it we climbed on it. Tami do you ever remember seing us play this game?? Of course we only played it when the parents were gone out to the Temple or some garanteed place ..If you don't remember us playing it we must have locked you in your room or something like that... chow

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