Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I like Terry!

Husbands come in all shapes and sizes.  They come with emotional and traditional flaws.  Wives love to  complain about their husbands just for fun of course.  Well, my dear husband is not in the greatest shape.  He has several medical issues which create daily obstacles for himself and for our family.  Any time a medical problem exists within a family, adjustments have to be made.  BUT, I choose not to dwell on my loves medical issues because by doing so...I'd miss out on all of the amazing traits he has that make me like him so stinking much!
Ask anyone who has met Terry and they will say that he is the most kind, gentle man they have ever met.  He is compassionate and giving.  He reaches out to everyone.  Thinks only of their comfort before his own.  Sometimes these behaviors can be very "buggy".  I have to finally tell him to stop hovering.  Really, though, the hovering is such a part of him and I know he truly is concerned about my well being.  I'm his queen and he treats me just like one.
One thing I was attracted to was my husband's talents.  He is an amazing artist.  He can draw portraits, oil paint, scrimshaw, and now his latest project...scultpure!  And he's really good at it.  He recently donated over 100 prints to the Boy Scouts of America.  He just gives things away.  He is never selfish.
Finally, I like my husband because he is a good and spiritual man.  He reminds me all the time about the importance of  keeping our family strong.  About joining our two families.  Because of Terry, I have six gorgeous grandchildren that we both love and adore.  He is available when we need him.  I always know I have a rock to lean on.
I am lucky because I do love AND like Terry all the time.  I'm so lucky.


Abbie said...

Tami, I love and like YOU!!! Thank you so much for this post. I'm crying my guts out. It's very rare to hear how your parents sincerely feel about each other. Seriously, thank you so much for writing this. I LOVE daddy too!

Erin said...

We heart Grandpa Terry too. You forgot to mention how he does cute and funny things like paying my kids quarters for watering your plants. :) Oh, wait, guess that's for me to mention.

BrewSea said...

hi little seeester!
Tell Terry I "like' him too!
I have his art framed in our home....
AND...(don't tell Sarah or Rhonda), but...I have the highly coveted ELK statue he gave Dad, in my office here in Vancouver.

Like you,
MBBBB…. (if you figure this out you get a dollar for the day)

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