Friday, February 8, 2008

My First Born Daughter

In 1987, I gave birth to my first child.  Since day one, I have liked that kid.  She has been an easy daughter to raise.  She's obedient and respectful.  I could write many memories of her here but, it would take up too much space.  I've been thinking about her a lot lately and trying to conceptualize why I like her so much.  Here are five reasons:

1. Every so often, Melissa makes a proclamation about how she is going to improve her life.  It's not so much that I like her ideas for change, but it's HOW she announces it.   For example, "This is the year of being strong and healthy" and just last night..."I'm now going to start cooking something sweet every week!"  She's just so cute when she decides to do something new.
2. I don't know how she got her brilliance but I like it!  Melissa is so smart.  She is on an academic scholarship at UVU.  I know it doesn't always come easily to her but it LOOKS like it does.  She works hard and retains it all.  I also like that she doesn't flaunt it.  Now, me, I'd definitely flaunt it if I were smart like her.
3.  I like her fashion sense.  She's just so lovely.
4. This reason cracks me up.  I like how she thinks she is manipulating me into buying her lunch.  She uses such phrases as: "Do you want me to go to Sonic and get you a drink?"  OR "You want to go to lunch?" OR  "I'd love to go get you some ice cream or something."    Then, I say "well thanks honey, I'd love some tots"  Melissa: "Okay, which one of your cards should I take?"  She's so sweet, isn't she??
5. And finally...I like Melissa's spirituality.  She has a strong testimony of the gospel.  She is a great example to me of faith and obedience.  I wish I could be more like her.


ALF said...

found your site from duchess jane's - just wanted to say hi!

What a wonderful thing to write about your daugther!

Erin said...

We heart Mel so much too! :) These lists are making us miss you guys too much though. Milo just said, "Momma, look how beautiful Mel looks." Awwww...hug that girl for us.

Abbie said...

I miss her. She makes me laugh. I love how she will listen to me talk about stuff that probably doesn't interest her, but she'll just listen and smile and agree with everything I'm saying. And she's always, always smiling. I love Melissa!

I'm loving this blog!

Camille said...

I heart Melissa!

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