Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A View From My Hospital Bed...part 2.

I have a little game for you.  Have you ever read People magazine and noticed they always have two pictures that appear to be identical but have been altered a bit so that the looker has to find all the things that are different from picture one to picture two?  (Whew!  What a long sentence)  Anyway, that is what I've done for this post.  Remember the pictures from my hospital room that I posted last time?  Well I took pictures of the same spots.  See if you can tell what the differences are...isn't this fun??  Isn't it??
Stop rolling your eyes.

Picture #1
What used to be a nice, clean shelf is now a mess.  It has become home to a bag of Boulder potato chips from Sunflower market (thanks, Erika).  A delicious raisin cookie (Thanks, Terry).  A big box of Club crackers (Thanks, Kathe).  And, various monitors and gauze pads.
Of course the flowers (Thanks, Amelia Earhart staff) are still beautiful although starting to show their week long stay.

Picture #2
Did you figure out what's missing?
It's the IV stand.  I'm finally off of the IV saline solution which was keeping me fed.  I was wondering if there were any Weight Watcher points in that stuff.  They had switched me from morphine to demerol shots through the IV.  I didn't like Demerol at all.  It made me feel all stupid and sleepy  (pretty much how I feel everyday anyway)
So, now I'm on the lovely pain medication called Percocet.  It seems to be
working very well, WHEN I GET THEM ON TIME!!!

Picture #3
This picture isn't that hard to figure out.  There are two things that are different. 
 Did you get them?
1.  There is a different show on tv.  It's "The Biggest Loser" rather than "Tyra".  I also might add that I'm so sick of tv I can't see straight.  
2.  The door is shut.

Picture #4
This picture takes a lot of courage to post since my shins look so huge.  But, it had to be done.
This one is easy too.
1.  I have socks on
2.  My pump up leggings are off and to the side...shhhhhhhh, don't tell Dr. Soissen.  I'd be in big, big, trouble.

Last Picture
No sleeping boyfriend this time.  He had gone home for the night.  But, If you look closely, you will see a creepy indented face on the vinyl chair back.
I think of Grimace the McDonald's character every time I see that empty chair.

How did you do?  
With any luck, I'll be home today.


Abbie said...

I miss your red piggies in the feet picture. I hope you can go home soon. Love you!

Kari said...

Yay for going home! I hope you get to sleep in your own bed very very soon.

erika @ life unfluffed said...

I got them all right! Woo hoo... What did I win?

Also... Yay! You're coming home today!! Woo woo woo!

Goldie said...

We should be blog friends, cause I read your blog all the time..... :) Hope you get to go home soon!

Tami Anderson said...

Awe Thanks Goldie! I'll put your link on mine.

Anonymous said...

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