Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Favorite Nurse

After the surgery, Melissa got to go to Disneyland with Curtis and his family for the Fall Break weekend.  I could tell she felt a bit guilty leaving me right after my surgery.  Of course, I didn't want her worrying about that and to have a good time.  
I knew I'd need some pretty intimate help that Terry and strangers couldn't give to me.  But i wasn't worried for one minute.  I had Erika.  I am so grateful for this little girl who has truly grown into a mature woman right before my eyes:

Isn't she so pretty?

Erika was my right arm during my recovery in the hospital.  She was there every day.  She called me a couple of times a day.  I knew she would come when ever I called her.  She was and is an amazing woman.   She helped my stay in the hospital less stressful.

Here are just a couple of things she did for me that I will be eternally grateful for:

One important things I needed to do was be clean.  If I'm sweaty and scummy I can't function (who can really?).  The nurse came in with some warm clothes to give me the dreaded sponge bath.  Erika jumped right up and took over.  As she washed my back, I felt so much love for her.  I realized that even little acts of kindness can bring people close to each other.  She wasn't timid about it at all either.  She washed my back and face with gusto!  I was so appreciative of her and felt so very proud of my daughter.

The next day, I was able to shower for real.
I have a great picture of Erika all dressed up in her waterproof gown to help me with my first shower.  She helped me in and out of my undies and gown.  She washed my hair...really well I might add.  I felt so very clean after that shower.  I'm most thankful to her for not laughing at my 45 year "old lady" body.  She even lied and told me I didn't look that bad.

Each day Erika made sure I had something that I could eat.  Hospital food is not that appetizing.  (more about that later)  One day, Erika came to the hospital with a bag of groceries from our favorite farmer's market:
She brought peanut butter, apples, applesauce, potato chips (I ended up eating all of them), and Puffin cereal.  What a doll face.

Then came the real food.  The only food I really ate at the hospital that I really loved and it was from Erika's lunch:

The BEST footlong corn dog in Utah!

(no comment)

Erika with her delicious corn dog.  If you ever have to visit the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, get one of those.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

So you can see how thankful I am for my darling daughter Erika and all the selfless love she showed me during my week's stay in the hospital.  She never complained to me even once.  I love you Erika.  Thanks for the beautiful person you have become and always have been.


Mandi said...

WOW. . .What a girl! She's lucky to have a mom like you, and you're lucky to have a daughter like her. I'm glad that you survived the hospital, I can't wait to hear your spin on hospital food. I hope all is still going well. See you soon hopefully!

LouthMouth said...

You're making me tear up here, tami.

We are all so proud of you, Erika, honey.

Keri said...

What an amazing daughter you have! You both are very lucky to have each other in your lives. I hope you are feeling better.

erika @ life unfluffed said...

Wow mom! Thanks for that.. It made me all teary. I'm soooo glad that everything went well. I love you so much.

Ps.. Why do I look so fat in the last picture? I need some serious weight watchers action..

Keri said...

P.S. That is the largest corndog I have ever seen!!

Abbie said...

Good work, Mrs. Senneff. If i need surgery I'm calling you.

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