Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My First Care Package in....four days!

What a fun and silly care package from my darlings in Colorado!
Honestly people!  You're making me feel so special.
(I'm still not going to have surgery ever again just to get care packages though!)

Thanks Erin (who, by the way was deathly ill herself last week but still managed to be so awesome as to get this package off!) and Issy and Milo. (sorry about the horrible photography!)

I'm a happy Grami.

Halloween fun!  Check out these awesome nail polishes.  I've never really worn glitter polish before.  Maybe that's what the socks are for???

Issy picked out my new pen set...Hello Kitty no less.
You should definitely try this amazing chocolate.  It is a Choxie brand and is a "milk chocolate peanut butter pretzel truffle bar".  
Holy cow.

This is an awesome mood identifier (and let me tell you that I NEEDED this).  It's magnetic and so I can stick it to the door and move the box around to tell people when I'm grumpy...because I hide it so well.
The buttons are from Milo.  I love them.  I have a purse/computer bag on which I am collecting these buttons.

     Finally...a trashy magazine.   PERFECT.

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