Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Surgery Prep is So Crappy!

I will never again post about poop (maybe) so you'll just have to enjoy it this time around.  To prepare for tomorrow's surgery, I had to "clean out" my colon.  In order to do so, I had to drink this  most vile, nasty, horrible, gaggy, and disgusting mixture of, of, of, whatever, that I have ever had to experience.

I had my good friend Kathe stand by me while I took my first dose (at school) at 7:45 am.  I thought I'd just slam it back and have it over with.
Don't do that.
It tastes awful (though I probably mentioned that earlier).  Within 30 seconds, I was gagging and puking...in the school sink (shhh....don't tell any of my fellow co-teachers).  It wasn't a lot but it wasn't pleasant.  Don't worry, I scoured the sink afterward.

So, then I waited,
and waited,
and waited.  
Nothing happened, if you know what I mean.

I finally called the doctor at 3:00.  The nurse said to drink the rest and if nothing "happened" by 5:00, I should call them back.


I followed my nurse friend Pam's advise...drink it through a straw on ice.  It really wasn't as bad as the first time around. (it was still nasty!)
Yes, things got moving and I'm ready for surgery tomorrow morning.

I learned a lot about mag citrate though.
  Like the chemical make up of the horrible stuff.

And, what it all means when it's all said 
and done:


Erin said...

OMGosh. I love you and I love this post!!! So funny. So poopy. So poopy and funny.

Abbie said...

That stuff is terrible. I'm so sorry.

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