Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Chad!

It's your birthday!
You're 34!
Wow!  Really?

Nephew Chad with his wife Shannon and a friend!

Little Chadney Bruce

I don't know why, but whenever April 14th rolls around I always remember my nephew Chad. Chad is the big brother of Kasz and Kyle whom I wrote about last time.  I was 12 years old when Chad was born.  I remember him as a baby and what a sweet little toddler he was.  He is my brother Bruce's oldest child.  As you can see from his sweet little face, he was a sweet little boy...until Tyler came a long.  (But that's a different story)

I remember how proud my dad was of Chad.  He took an extra special attention to Chad so, it made me notice him too.  Chad was an upstanding young man.  He earned his Eagle Scouting 
award.  He graduated from High School (Whew!)  He played sports as well.  

One of my favorite memories of Chad is how he loves dolls.   Cabbage Patch dolls to be exact.  Cabbage Patch dolls that are boy dolls named Leo.  Leo was Erika's very favorite doll of all time Leo was a cute little baby cabbage patch who went to the hospital and everywhere with her.  So, when Chad came down to Provo on his way to the MTC before his LDS fulltime mission, he had a little bit of fun with Leo.  Chad insisted that Leo have a place at the table at Olive Garden (the place we all ate for Chad's special mission dinner).  Then, later  he wanted to see what would happen if he put Leo on the ceiling fan at different speeds...that was hard on Erika to see her baby flying through the air...but a full on laugh fest for the rest of us!
Chad's Family

One of the things I admire about Mr. Chad is his diligence to work.  He now has a beautiful family (sorry, no updated picture).  I met Shannon here in Provo even before they got married.  I fully approved of her and thought she was perfect for my perfect nephew.  He started out working at Walmart.  NOW, through his stick-to-it-iveness he is a big wig in the company.  He and my bro Brian often talk "shop" about their managerial positions.

Chad, the Walmart man!

Chad has never been one to shy away from a good adventure.  Check out these pictures and you'll see what I mean.  He is also very witty and lovable.  Happy Birthday and your Aunt Tami loves you!


Janna said...

Nice! Love the birthday blogs. I didn't realize Chad had gotten so old. :-)

emlizalmo said...

Chad sounds cool. I bet you were the best aunt! And...CPK's named Leo ARE pretty great!

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