Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Friday: A Visit in Photos

In no particular are about 18 photos and one video from 
our fun afternoon with Spencer, Erin, Milo, Issy, and Keeler (our Colorado kids),
Erika, Tyler, and Melissa (our Provo kids),
and four dogs...yes, that's right, I said four.
Ali, Mac, Leo, and Oscar.
Here we go...

Our  (well, Erin's and Spencer's actually) new little boy Keeler.  What a darling boy.  He fit right in with the family.
He's got looks, personality, and a great sense of style (look at those boots!)

My favorite picture of the day.  Isabel and Ali.

Twin brother and sister, Issy and Milo with 10 week old Oscar the pug.
Oscar belongs to Erika and Tyler.

Oh my!  This little girl has found her new profession!  She was
honestly, AMAZING with all four dogs.  
From l. to r.  Leo, Mac, Ali, Issy, and Oscar.
(more to come)

Our new house mates!  Erika and Tyler have moved in for the month of April
before they head out to Connecticut for the summer.
I can't get enough of them.  They will be missed.

Oh dear me!  My little purplicious girl!
These were the new additions to the toy box.  Don't you just love the shoes?
I need some!

Look at this sweet boy.
We all love him so much already.

Grandpa Terry and Milo had fun dissolving the mystery sponges in hot water.

Won't she make the hottest little mother you ever did see?
Melissa with Keeler in her kickA leather jacket.


I love this picture of Issy and Ali.  

Doing what I do best!
I gave Milo a reading test.  He is BRILLIANT!  He scored a Level 3
(most first graders enter first grade at a a level 4!) and he hasn't even 
graduated from preschool yet!

Presh! ^  (with Oscar)
and   v (with Leo and Oscar)

Milo has figured out the way to his Grami Tami's heart!

Winking Contest Contestant number 1:  Isabel

Winking Contest Contestant number 2:  Milo

Winking Contest Contestant number 3:  Grami Tami
(please remember that I am recovering from surgery and that is why I look so grave!)

Spencer with Keeler.  Bored as usual!

This little gem had us laughing and laughing and laughing.  Grandpa Terry took some
time to teach Isabel how to obedience train Ali.  Issy was a natural.  She really was.  And, when she yelled "HEEEEEEAAAAAALLLL" it had us all giggling like loons!
It was the cutest thing ever.  
(I must apologize for my loud voice in this video.  I had no idea it was that loud...but I *was* closest to the camera!)

Milo even took his turn though he was absolutely scared TO DEATH of the dogs.  
But, he put on his bravery hat and did an excellent job too...
as you will see.


Abbie said...

Oh, I miss you. Now I'm going to go cry myself to sleep because I couldn't be there with y'all.

Mandi said...

Such cute pictures. that new baby is adorable! mandi

Keri said...

You have such a cute family! That little Keeler is so adorable!!

Erin said...

I want to do it again!! SIGH. I hate living so far away sometimes.

Oh and I think that Milo totally wins the winking contest because he can keep the rest of his face looking pretty much the same as always.

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