Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm a Wicked, Wicked Step-Mother!

I forgot to post a birthday blog for my dear, darling, sweet, gorgeous, lovely, smart, funny, forgiving:), and all-around AMAZING step-daughter (who I think of as my sista/daughter)...
Melissa with her sweet little twin daughters, Lyla and Olivia.
I am truly amazed at what a great mother Melissa is to these girls.
She is doing everything right.
She is doing it alone and I personally know how tough that can be.
I admire her so much.

Here's Melissa with Erika and Tyler the night before E and T got married.
She helped us dip millions (ok, that's an exaggeration) of
strawberries in delicious chocolate!

All of my step-children at Erika's wedding.
Spencer, Abbie, Josh, and Melissa.
I love them each dearly.

Chilling with my sister/daughter.
(I drew this little picture as part of her Christmas present last year.)

I love you Melissa!  Thanks for loving me back.


Melissa said...

Thanks Tami-Love you!

Anonymous said...

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