Sunday, May 2, 2010

This Beautiful Girl...

...GRADUATED last Friday! Do you know how amazing she is? It is impossible to put it into words. In addition to all those beautiful features, there is an abundance of BRAINS! She now has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management.

Wait, there's more. In addition to being physically attractive, and having loads of brains, Melissa has a tremendous spirit glowing from within. I love the look in her eye whenever she talks to me. She doesn't have a mean bone in her entire body! She is so kind. So generous. These are the things I love the very most about that girl.

Enjoy the pictures from her special day:
Auntie Melissa with Milo and Isabel
They traveled all the way from Fort Collins, Colorado.
(I still can't believe it!)

The reenactment of the graduation announcement
her dad drew here.

"See my fake diploma cover?"
The graduation attendees:
Erin, Spencer, Keeler, Me, Melissa, My Boyfriend Terry,
Erika, Tyler, Milo, and Isabel.

Check out the gloomy skies. It was windy, cold, and rainy.
But our hearts were warm.

Audience activities: Issy drew, Mily played games on my phone.

The fancy shmancy programs
(I really loved these)

Melissa's graduation gift from us:
An ORIGINAL pencil drawing by Terry.
The frame is gorgeous.


erika @ life unfluffed said...

Yay! I'm proud of her!

Also, I look pregnant in that picture! hahah wow.

Unknown said...

I love it! Grats again!

Erin said...

Love her! That was so much fun. So glad we could be there for it all. :)

Abbie said...

CONGRATU-freakin'-LATIONS!!! YAYAY for Melissa!!!

(secretly feeling sorry for myself that we live so far away:(

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