Friday, October 15, 2010


So, this morning I rewatched a documentary called "Babies". I really loved it. I mean, REALLY loved it. As I watched, many ideas and truths came to my mind. Here are a few:

"Mama" is a tender word in ANY language.
Dirt will NOT kill you or your baby.
No matter what comforts, riches, or support available to them, mothers love their babies with all of their hearts.
Learning to walk is hard work.
Solid food is fun.
Breasts are a beautiful thing when nursing a baby (and there are lots of breasts in this movie)
Siblings are "siblings" in every culture. Any questions?
* At time marker (is that what it's called?) 20:42, I wasn't sure I could handle the spitz THAT is pure love!
Throughout the movie, I kept thinking about my bff Kathe and giggling because I could picture her reaction to all of the scenes. She is one of those people who is gaga over babies. I'm going to make her watch it to see if her reactions are what I pictured.
I could never live in the African bush...oh, the boredom.
I am totally in love with the Mongolian baby and his big brother. Especially when he drags that cat around on a leash.Hysterical
Finding your voice is exciting.
I would like to emulate the pure joy of being a baby and discovering my voice, my feet, my hands, birds, cows, etc...

I could go on and on. I just want one of you to watch it so we can talk about it. You can rent it OR watch it instantly on Netflix. There is no commentary in the film. The babies tell the story. I loved it. It made me even more excited about the little baby growing in my daughter's belly. I love that baby already. I can't wait to watch it go through every single baby stage. But please, Erika, DO NOT USE YOUR OWN SPIT TO BATH IT!

Here, enjoy the preview:

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