Saturday, October 23, 2010

Peter Who?

Her: I really need you to make a Peter Pan hat for me.
Me: Sure, when do you need it?
Me: Okay. Just get me a pattern and some fabric and I'll get going.
Her: I've got the fabric but NO pattern.
Me: NO PATTERN?? I can't make a hat without a pattern. You're nuts.
Her: You can do it.
Me: How?
Her: Just do it.

So, I did.

First I tried making a prototype out of some ugly fabric.

Then, I "just" made it.

I'll admit...the front is a little long but, I don't really care.
Neither does "she".


Rachel said...

You. Are brilliant!! I could never do that! Seriously! It's like cooking. I can cook anything with a recipe but put ingredients in front of me and ask me to come up with something........ nope!

Erin said...

What?!! A. you are amazing B. who wants this hat and WHY?

emlizalmo said...

You are GOOD. Can I come hang out with you for awhile and hopefully have some of your sewing brilliance rub off on me? What if I promise to bring DC?

Adrianne said...

Why did terry need a peter pan hat? Is he taking the dogs trick or treating?

Macarons Recipes said...

Great post tthank you

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