Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bloomer...Sooner! and a little bonus at the end

(That title was specifically for my friend, Pam.)

Bloomers...check! These were so much fun to make. So easy. So cute. Miss Isabel will be complete and looking like a full-fledged pioneer.

The whole package!

NOW, for that little bonus. Once I had finished the bloomers, I called Isabel and we had a good visit. I asked her if there was anything else she could think of that I could do for her. She thought for a while then, later in the conversation, she said "I thought of something you could do. It would be fun if my American Girl doll looked like me." I told her I probably couldn't get that done by this Saturday. She was very understanding so, I said I'd make the doll an apron.

Well, one thing led to another until... KNEW I'd do it didn't you? I had a blast last night trying to make the pattern up. Luckily, all of my daughter's American Girl dolls are still here at the house so I had a "body" to measure.

Now, I am done. I'm content with this darling outfit.

...unless the doll needs a bonnet!


Rachel said...

Tami!!!! That is absolutely adorable! I am SO not going to let Kirsten see this post. She'll be wanting me to make the same thing for her and her doll.

Love the lace detailing. So darling.

Mel said...

are you kidding me?? this is AMAZING!! you are the most talented woman i have ever known. WOW! so so so cute.

Adrianne said...

And I thought I could really are pretty much amazing!!!!

emlizalmo said...'re pretty much awesome.

SarahSloanLeavitt said...

So cute Tami! That apple didn't fall far from the tree. Your mother could sew some pretty incredible things too!

Shari said...

Very cute. I'm so impressed that you made up your own pattern.

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