Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Chloe, Katja, Emily, Lizzy, and Alex!
Our first group.

And, included in this second picture...
Amen and Brant
(videographer and producer respectively)
We were feeling a little "punchy" at this recording.

For those of you who might have missed this 30 second spot between conference sessions here you go! The third "channel" the finger finds is my show "Scripture Stories". The boy's voice you'll hear is Alex. He was in our very first group of children that did the recording sessions. He came up with those words all by himself! What an outstanding young man. Of course, the fact that he has awesome parents really helps!


emlizalmo said...

You are wonderful. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity for me and my children. I will be forever grateful that Emily and Lizzy got Mrs. Anderson for 1st grade. <3

Rachel said...

How totally FUN!!!! I didn't know you did this!

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